• New Jersey Science League

    Advisor:  Ms. Mac 


    Science League 2020                

    Science League is a long-running competition among both public and private schools in New Jersey.  The Edison Academy currently competes in the Biology 1, Chemistry 1, and AP Physics 1 categories.Typically about 140 schools compete in each category, and each school selects a team of four members whose scores are eligible to counted for both the individual and school competitions.  The composition of this team can vary from one competition to the next. Additional students may participate in the competition as alternates, but their scores cannot be used as part of the competition.  The Edison Academy chooses five team members per team based on a tryout test and grades in your current science class.
    Once science league members are selected, they take 4 multiple-choice tests (January 9, February 13, March 13, and April 9 and compete for individual and school rankings.   When the competition is finished in April, state-wide scores are tallied and plaques are awarded to the top finishers in each subject. The top ten teams are awarded plaques.  The top 10% of qualified individuals are also awarded plaques.  To qualify, students must have taken at least 3 of the 4 tests as an official member of the team.
    The Edison Academy regularly comes in near the top so we hope to continue this trend! 

    The official website for the New Jersey Science League can be found at https://njscienceleague.com/.


    The January and April tests are scheduled to be given at the Woodbridge Academy, the February and March tests are scheduled to be given at the Edison Academy.