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     Adult Cosmetology - One-Year Course

    A career in Cosmetology/Hairstyling offers many opportunities to both men and women. They may work in small or large shops. The general, or all-round operator, is trained to do all phases of hairdressing and cosmetology including preparing materials, demonstrating and selling, shampooing, manicuring, hairstyling, scalp treating, facials and makeup, hair cutting, rinsing, hair coloring and permanent waving.

    More recently, the cosmetologist must also develop skills in barbering, such as shaving, beard and mustache shaping, etc. There are also many opportunities for the particularly competent person to specialize and to progress in such career areas as stage and television makeup, beauty consultant work, demonstrating for salons or for promotion of cosmetology products, teaching in private or public schools, product testing, management and ownership of one's own business.

    This course provides a thorough foundation in the fundamental skills and knowledge of the cosmetology/hairstyling trade and the development of good work habits and attitudes, including an appreciation of the importance of safety.


    Course Description

    Each student will have an opportunity to use the implements and equipment of the cosmetology/hairstyling trade and to learn how to perform the operations of the trade, including the evaluation of his or her completed work.

    The student will have shop experiences not only in the mastery of manipulative skills but also in related information or technology and theory. Under the direction of the shop instructor, the student will learn related information in order that he or she may have a complete understanding of why the operations of the trade are performed in a certain way.

    The course will include related theory consisting of mathematics, science and art relevant to the cosmetology/hairstyling trade. Here emphasis will be placed on the mastery of fundamental concepts and principles as well as the ability to solve practical problems.

    Successful completion of the course prepares the student for examinations required for licensure by the State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. The curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of these examinations as well as the requirements of the State Board of Education.