•      The Academy for Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences is a small learning community serving approximately 270 students.  The students at the Academy benefit from a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum with a thematic emphasis on health sciences.  The school serves the community by providing an exemplary learning experience.  Over the course of high school, students may earn college credits at a variety of New Jersey colleges, including Rutgers and Middlesex County College.  The staff is cognizant of each student’s educational needs and goals as they guide them through their high school career.  The Academy offers many opportunities for students to achieve both academic and career goals.


         Students begin the ninth grade in a program which is designed to give the students an opportunity to participate in a challenging college preparatory high school program with a career theme which is infused with life and health sciences.  The career majors offered to students are Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences.


         Students have a unique opportunity to explore a career area in applied sciences while fulfilling the academic requirements necessary to enter college.  The school places great emphasis on developing the skills required for success in college. These skills include learning strategies, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, writing and habits of independent inquiry.


         Many of our students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities which offer students a chance to excel in areas other than academics.  Students who participate have the opportunity to practice leadership and team building skills.