• Mechanical and Civil Engineering (MCE)

    The Mechanical and Civil Engineering (MCE) track is a rigorous four-year program that incorporates a wide range of mechanical and civil engineering subjects to teach the engineering design process to motivated high school students. The program covers course material typically studied at the college and graduate college level in mechanical and civil engineering as well as project management.

    The program uses project-based learning that reinforces the material covered in class and expands the students’ knowledge of how engineering is applied in the real world. Short-term projects emphasize the material covered in class or expand the students’ knowledge in manufacturing processes and engineering materials by doing reverse engineering through product teardowns. Long-term projects that last the full year focus on teamwork and how subassemblies work together to accomplish a given requirement, such as sorting a set of “minerals” represented by different sized balls or ringing a bell as part of a Rube Goldberg machine.