Career Planning

This page is intented to serve as an additional resource for students in planning for post-high school and/or post-college careers. Click on the links below to obtain the most current and detailed information from various web sites. 

·         Learn How to Become   NEW RESOURCE! 
·         Career Explorer
·         Career Key
·         Best Jobs
·         Labor Statistics
·         My Future
·         Career Magazine
·         Career Builder
·         Employment Guide
·         Career Paths
·         Adventures in Education
·         Assessing Career Choices
·      Interest and Skill Survey
·         College and Career Quest Exercise


Career Choices
·      Careers in Education
·      Careers in Science 
·      Occupational Outlook
·      Career Offerings
·      Do What You Are
·      New Jersey School Counselors Career Information

·      Princeton Review
·         Career Interests Game
·      Keirsey Temperament Sorter

·     Sample Letters
·     Career Services
·        United States Department of Labor
·     Small Business Administration

Career Center Links 
·         Career Resource Center
·      Workforce New Jersey Public Information Network

Military Information 
·         Military Occupations
·      Selective Service Online Registration