Lab Biology, Honors 


    The lab biology courseis focused on the use of life science principles as powerful conceptual toolsto make sense of the complexity, diversity and interconnectedness of life onearth.  Students engage in laboratory and authentic learning experiencesthat encourage the application of biological knowledge to make decisions andsolve problems.  The course covers the major topics of modern biology andstudents must demonstrate active participation and independent study.




    Lab Chemistry, Honors


    The lab chemistrycourse is focused on the study of the concepts of academic chemistry includingproperties, classification and reactions of matter, atomic theory, bonding andperiodic properties and dynamics.  Students engage in laboratory andauthentic learning experiences that encourage the application of chemistryprinciples to make decisions and solve problems.  The course covers themajor topics of modern chemistry and students must demonstrate activeparticipation and independent study.




    Lab Physics, Honors



    This course will providestudents with an understanding of Physical Science principles, includingfundamental ideas about matter, energy and motion.  Topics include: the science of Physics, motion in one dimension, two-dimensional motion and vectors,forces and the laws of motion, work and energy, momentum and collisions,circular motion and gravitation, fluid mechanics, heat, thermodynamics,vibrations and waves, sound, light, electrical energy, circuits and magnetism.