• Students are required to take 1 year of World History, 2 years of American History and a half year of Economics.  All students at the Academy will be enrolled in Advanced Placement American History during their junior year and in a semester of Economics and Sociology during their senior year.  

    World History and Cultures, Honors

    This course is a survey of world history from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century. Various cultures and periods are selected for a somewhat more extended study. Topics to be taught will include comparisons of civilizations in the Near East, China and Africa, and Medieval to Modern Europe as both interacted with Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Students are expected to be independent thinkers and demonstrate good research and writing skills.


    United States History I, Honors

    United States History I is a required course for all students. Using a chronological approach, students will study United States History from Colonial times through the American Revolution to the Age of Industrialization. Students will be made aware of our pluralistic society and of contributions of individuals and groups to our American Heritage. Students are expected to be independent thinkers and demonstrate good research and writing skills.


    United States History, Advanced Placement

    Prerequisite: United States History I

    AP United States History is a challenging course that is designed to be the equivalent of a freshman college course in a high school setting.  This course is a year long study of American History from Settlement & Colonization through the 20th Century.  Strong reading and writing skills, along with the willingness to devote considerable time to homework and study are needed to succeed.  Emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills, essay writing and interpretation of historical documents.  


    Students will study the concepts, methods and problems of economics.  Topics covered include how markets work, business organizations and labor, money, banking and finance, government and the economy and the global economy.  This a required semester (2.5 credits) class for all students.


    This course examines human relationships in society, analyzes concepts of culture, socialization, values, norms, deviance, stratification and the causes and effects of inequalities.  This a semester (2.5 credits) class.