• All Academy students are required to take 3 years of Spanish.  All freshman are required to take Spanish 1 during their freshman year.  Selection to the Advanced Placement course is based upon teacher recommendation and previous documented success.  

    Spanish I, Honors 

    This course provides a more intense introduction to language and culture. It stresses the development of oral communication and of reading, writing, and listening skills. Students learn about the people who speak the language and about the countries where they live. Students in this course will cover the curriculum in greater depth.

    Spanish II, Honors

    Prerequisite:   Spanish I, Honors

    During the second year of foreign language study students expand their speaking, writing and reading skills. Their increased proficiency allows them to read literary selections and conduct conversations entirely in another language. Students in this course will cover the curriculum in greater depth.

    Spanish III, Honors 

    Students will be able to conduct interviews in Spanish and can present in at least 3 areas of the targeted grammar.  Working in small groups, students will have an opportunity to write and present a play at least 10 minutes long.   

    Spanish, Advanced Placement

    Prerequisite:   Spanish I, Honors

    Designed by the College Board to parallel third-year college-level course in Spanish Composition and Conversation, AP Spanish Language courses build upon prior knowledge and develop students' ability to understand others and express themselves (in Spanish) accurately, coherently and fluently in both formal and informal situations.  Students will develop a vocabulary large enough to understand literary texts, magazine/newspaper articles, films and television productions.