•  English Department


    The primary goal of the English Department is to ensure that every student receives the best

     English education every year that is attended at Piscataway Campus. The English

    Department believes that establishing partnerships with students’ parents/guardians and with

     the community is essential to the success of every student and to the fulfillment of each

    student’s educational plan.



    To accomplish this goal, the department is dedicated to providing a program that:

    • Encourages life-long learners, who will be able to participate effectively as members of the global community.


    • Meets the National and State Core Curriculum Content Standards.


    • Promotes articulate communicators who use both oral and written language effectively.


    • Develops critical and analytical readers and researchers.


    • Fosters students' self-esteem, motivation, character, and respect for individual, cultural, religious and racial differences


    • Develops students’ social, emotional, and decision-making skills through reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical viewing activities and experiences.


    • Promotes responsibility and problem-solving skills.


    • Promotes creativity and innovation.


    • Makes the study of literature and language accessible to all students.


    • Provides students with a broad range of literature that represents a variety of cultures.


    • Uses technology as a key tool to support and enhance learning.