Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Peter Enge

Degrees and Certifications: Registered Nurse, Masters of Science in Nursing Education, Certified Pediatric Nurse, Certified Infusion Nurse.

Welcome to MCVTS! I am your freshmen semester instructor for the Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition courses, as well as, a clinical instructor for Fundamentals of nursing. For each of the courses taught, all attendance can be located within your account.  If you have any questions during the course regarding your grades or attendance, please contact me as soon as possible.  The best means of communicating with me are via messages in the engrade account.  Each of the courses have the syllabus and power points for the correlating topics listed below the chapter; these are a reference for you and can be printed by you prior to the class if you so choose. You may use your smart phone or computer to access the power points from the web during class but please be aware that this is a 'cell phone free' school. You may not use your cell phones in the class and halls as it is a violation of school policy. If for some reason you have any problems accessing any of the information contained within this site, please let me know.