HI: It's that time again... I will be accepting applications for the various positions for the upcoming year. Please think long and hard before applying. Please submit a cover letter in which you outline what you believe makes you a good candidate for the job as well as a current resume. Your resume should include paid and unpaid jobs you have had: include things like babysitting, grandparent assistance, etc. You should include everything you have done in school, such as clubs, leadership roles, as well as the behind the scenes things you've done. Include clubs, interests, etc. Think of this as a job application- SORRY There will be NO elections. I will hire those who seem best suited to the positions!

    Job Openings: Class President, Class Vice President, Class Treasurer, Class Secretary, Prom Committee Chair, Classroom Representative (one per class). 

    All Applications must be hard copy, handed in between September 6th and September 18th.

    Unfilled positions will be filled at the discretion of your advisor. (me)