"All Eyes on PVT"

    Piscataway Campus' School Newspaper!
    Our school newspapers placed 2nd in the American Scholastic Press Association 2014-2015 Newspaper Contest--Come join the paper, if you like to write!
    newspaper The facets of newspaper work are varied and difficult to master.  Our campus is proud of those who work on our school newspaper because they have been able to overcome the difficulties and produce two to three issues during the school year.  Everyone who works on the paper must put the time and effort needed into having articles ready for the paper and must meet deadlines (as if they are in the real world of work).
    Students in several shops have contributed to the school newspaper over the last ten years. One can learn how to set up newsletter styles, use proofreading skills, photography programs, scanning, downloading  and duplicating techniques. The newspaper is available both in hard copy and on school's web page when issues are completed.
    If one plans on going on to college or into the field of work upon graduation, both college and industry like to see that you have been in extracurricular activities. For one, it shows them that you can handle deadlines. This is a great extra to get involved in here at Piscataway Campus.
    The newspaper has won recognition by placing several times in the American Scholastic Press Association's High School Newspaper Review and Contest over the years.  This is a national contest and has strict categories and criteria one has to meet, our students are proud of our paper!


    2nd Place


    2nd Place


     1st Place
    Pictured here are several of the members of the newspaper staff during the last two years.  Most students enjoy working on the paper and like to continue with it during their time at PVT!
    (The photo here is 2015-2016 newspaper staff members.      Photo taken by Mrs. Shaffer)
    Consider writing for our school paper or helping out in other ways...get involved!