•  Advisor: Señor Nava

    Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica 

    Capítulo Ellen Ochoa


              The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica was established in 2008. The name of the Academy's chapter is "Ellen Ochoa". The Spanish Honor Society (SHS) recognizes the highest achievers of the Spanish language. Students must have studied Spanish for at least 2 years at the Academy, and continue his/her studies in the Spanish language in the future. Induction takes place annually in the spring. Once selected and inducted, SHS members partake in a community service project. 

    Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica 2016-2017


    Presidenta: Tanvi Banota 

    Vicepresidenta: Karen Sarmiento  
    Secretaria: Simran Shamith 
    Tesorera: Juana Castro


    Atul Bhattiprolu
    Camille Bustamante 
    Willian De Faria
    Jessica Camacho
    Irene Chu
    Helen Nguyen
    Geldy Nunez
    Amanda Rivera
    Lucinda Lau
    Nirmaljit Pandher
    Anusha Patil
    Srivarsha Kaloth
    Briana Sanchez
    Robin Solomon
    Vraj Shah
    Serin Varughese 
    Requirements for Induction:

    1. All candidates must complete at least 2 consecutive years of Spanish at the Academy.

    2. Sophomore candidates must have a cumulative average in all Spanish classes since 9th grade of an "A+" (98 or above and have always received at least a 92 “A” each making period) at the time of candidacy, and must be enrolled in Spanish III for his or her Junior year.

    3. Junior candidates must have a cumulative average in Spanish of an "A" (94 or above and can’t have received less than a 92 per marking period) at the time of candidacy.

    4. Senior candidates must be enrolled in the Spanish AP class at the Academy and must have at least a 92 "A" at the time of candidacy and must have received at least a 92 in Spanish III. 

    5. All candidates must be in good academic standing in all classes to be considered. 

    6. Candidates who take the National Spanish Exam (NSE) and achieve Gold level will be automatically considered. 

    7. All members must participate in a community service event.