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Maryah Pizarro's Bucket List

Maryah Pizarro

Maryah Pizarro is a Freshman student in the Health Careers class of 2024. She came to us in the 2020-2021 school year. In just one year, she has made an incredible impression on her teachers and peers with her indomitable spirit and hard work. Maryah says she wants to become a nurse to help those in need. Maryah has faced many obstacles this year, regardless, she is an Honor Roll Student at our school.

Maryah was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her knee approximately one year ago. She has since undergone chemotherapy and surgeries. Despite best efforts by Maryah, her family, and many physicians, the cancer has spread to her lungs and her blood. At this time, her doctors feel that they have exhausted all options of treatment.

In Maryah’s previous school, she made a huge impression and they continue to praise her efforts and involvement there,

“When Maryah was in 8th grade she was a vital part of our middle school community as the lead in our Wingman Program which is a school-wide, student-led initiative to make everyone feel included and valued. Maryah worked mostly with students on the Autism Spectrum because she is a model of kindness and compassion.”

As a School and Community of Caring we are sharing a GoFundMe campaign which was intitated by Maryah’s Middle School Teachers, Mrs. Monteiro and Mrs. Mercurio. We hope that we can assist in making Maryah’s “Bucket List” dreams come true. We ask anyone who can, to please donate to this effort. No gift is too small and every donation is appreciated.