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Michelle Obama praises career and technical education at White House event

CTE Whitehouse Speech


First Lady Michelle Obama emphasized the importance of career and technical education (CTE) to the success of America’s students and the future of the nation at a White House event titled "Celebrating Innovations in Career and Technical Education.”


Educators, students and business leaders gathered June 30 to hear Mrs. Obama’s keynote address, which urged young people and their parents to consider career and technical education as a route to well-paying jobs.


"CTE programs like these are good for students because they can learn new skills and find their passion, they're good for businesses because they can tap into a pipeline of skilled talent, and they're good for our country because these programs help us grow our economy, compete with other countries and unleash the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators," she said.


“In today’s world, a high school diploma is just not enough,” she said. “And a four-year university is not your only option.”


Mrs. Obama said career and technical education might be the best road to “the professional skills you need for a good job in a high-demand field.”


You can hear Mrs. Obama’s entire 12-minute speech on the White House website at: